Game Report China【2017-12-13】

近日,精灵宝可梦的官方中文网站正式上线,网站可以访问的分栏包括电视动画系列、电影、商品、应用程序、游戏、卡牌游戏、活动等。 12月3日,Steam平台公布了11月的硬件和软件调查报告,除了硬件信息,报告中还提到了用户的系统语言,在这一项中,简体中文用户占比达到了64.35%,比上个月增长了8.23%。 Recently, the official Chinese website of Pokemon officially launched, the website can access the columns include TV animation series, movies, products, applications, games, card games, activities and so on. Steam platform released November hardware and software survey report, in addition to hardware information, the report also mentioned the user's system language, in this one, the proportion of users in simplified Chinese reached 64.35%, an increase of 8.23 %.     Touch the Chinese gamers right now! Learn more: Game Chinese Localization Services  中文来源:游戏葡萄/太平洋游戏/触乐等综合