Game Report China【2017-07-26】

近日,腾讯将旗下的《Strike of Kings》更名为《Arena of Valor》(意为“勇气竞技场”)。游戏的官方YouTube频道已经改名,并且以新名称发布了新的游戏预告片。游戏本体则未更换新名字,游戏内也没有更名相关的公告。

冰穹互娱称,《源震》(Reboant)是一款以星际末日为主题的FPS VR游戏,是一款3A级世界VR大作。这款产品将适配HTC Vive,并优先在Viveport上发布。


Recently, Tencent’s “Strike of Kings” changed its name to “Arena of Valor”. The official YouTube channel of the game has been renamed and a new game trailer has been released with the new name.

On July 26th, the Chinese developer Dome Game(冰穹互娱)announced a FPS VR game Reboant. This game will fit HTC Vive and will be given priority on Viveport.


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