Game Report China【2017-08-23】


2017年8月19日, 2017王者荣耀冠军杯暨暑期盛典于成都四川省体育馆举办,QGhappy战队最终以4:2的比分战胜eStar战队,成为王者荣耀赛事目前唯一一个双科冠军(KPL王者荣耀职业联赛与王者荣耀冠军杯冠军),并通过赏金模式累计获得总奖金102万。

August 18, in the center of Chengdu, the world’s first Alienware flagship store opened. The store is the world’s first flagship store in use of Alienware VI new design concept.

2017 Arena of Valor Champions League cum summer festival held in Chengdu, QGhappy team finally to 4: 2 victory over the eStar team, become the only one double champion. And through the bounty mode they accumulated total prize money of 1.02 million.


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