Game Report China【2017-12-18】

Game Report China【2017-12-18】

B站今日在其官网上公布了消息称:B站组建了属于自己的电竞俱乐部,全称Bilibili Gaming(哔哩哔哩电竞),简称BLG,俱乐部旗下的BLG战队将代表B站征战LPL的S8赛季。


China’s main online video website Bilibili announced set up their own gaming club, full name Bilibili Gaming, referred to as BLG, the club’s BLG clan will play on behalf of Bilibili on LPL S8 season.

NetEase’s “Onmyouji” announced on Steam’s first online experience page. ” Onmyouji ” PC version only supports English language, Japanese voice, and does not support Simplified Chinese. According to NetEase, On-line date and sales price are not yet announced, and still contains the game in-app purchases.


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