Game Report China【2018-1-19】

Sensor Tower发布了2017年度榜单,对去年最赚钱、下载量最大的手游产品及手游发行商进行了盘点,腾讯、网易成去年世界上最赚钱的2个发行商。在总年度收入榜单中,《王者荣耀》、《梦幻西游》2款游戏进入前10,在App Store年度收入榜中,《王者荣耀》则到达了榜首。值得住的是,在游戏公司收入与下载榜中,腾讯均夺得了第一的位置,成为了去年世界范围内游戏下载量最大、收入最高的游戏公司。


Sensor Tower released the 2017 list, taking inventory of the most profitable and most downloaded mobile products and mobile game publishers last year. Tencent and NetEase were the two most profitable publishers in the world last year.In the game company’s revenue and download list, Tencent have won the first place, becoming the world’s largest game downloads and the highest revenue game company.

Recently, the LEGO Group has entered into a strategic cooperation with Tencent and both parties will collaborate on various aspects of games, social networking and content to jointly launch the first systematic solution to the digital experience of children.China’s Internet users whom under the age of 18 is accounted for 22.5% of the total number of Internet users, such a large user base is the target market for Lego and Tencent.


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