Game Report China【2018-1-24】




In a matter of two weeks, 112 infringing mobile games and 33 infringing H5 games were shelved. More than 10 allegedly infringing companies were investigated by the police. At present, the era of zero tolerance of Intellectual Property piracy by the Chinese government is coming.

According to SteamSpy yesterday’s statistics show that the number of active users in Steam China has exceeded 40 million, surpassing the United States to become the world’s first. Last week, this figure was 32 million, which means that in just one week, the number of active users in Steam China increased by 8 million.

China’s independent game “ICEY” official released news that the game has reached sales of 500,000 copies in TapTap, the total sales have exceeded 1.5 million units, the game will be launched in February Switch platform.


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