Game Report China【2018-3-6】

Game Report China【2018-3-6】


日前App Growing发布2月份手游行业广告买量分析,深度解读2月份的买量市场行业趋势。游戏发行商中“买量巨头”依然是网易,游族网络,柠檬微趣这三家公司。网易共有9款游戏入榜,累计广告投放数最多,以绝对的优势蝉联游戏买量“巨头”。


In the 10th edition of the People’s Daily, published on March 2, a great deal of coverage has been reported on the results of rectifying the chaos in the online games market.Official inspection of 5,463 online game business units, the Ministry of Public Security cracked a total of 98 online game crime cases

Recently, App Growing released February advertising analysis of the mobile games industry, in the game publishers field, “buying giants” is still Netease, YooZoo, MicroFun three companies.NetEase cumulative advertising is the largest number.

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