Game Report China【2018-3-13】

Game Report China【2018-3-13】

《CryptoKitties》终于进入中国市场了。2月份其出品方Axiom Zen Game曾宣称,将于春节期间推出面向中国用户的中文版本,官方译名定为“迷恋猫”。但不知为何,《CryptoKitties》未能在2月份成功上线。今日Axiom Zen发布消息称将与香港移动游戏公司Animoca Brands展开合作,将《CryptoKitties》带入中国大陆、中国香港和中国台湾等地,并且会推出本地化的网站、社区等。不过,截至发稿,《CryptoKitties》尚未上线中国大陆的App Store。

本月初,英雄联盟职业发展联赛(LOL Development League,简称:LDL)于南京、深圳、北京、重庆四大赛区同时打响。从3月3日到4月29日,32支LDL队伍将分别在四个不同赛区里带来共计9周的春季赛对决。而从6月22日到9月2日,则是夏季赛阶段。在这之后,还将有LDL2018年度总决赛,取得冠军的战队将有可能晋级LPL联赛。

“CryptoKitties” finally entered the Chinese market. In February, the publisher Axiom Zen Game announced that it will launch a Chinese version during the Spring Festival. The official translation will be “fascinated with cats.” But somehow, “CryptoKitties” failed to get online in February. However, as of press time, “CryptoKitties” is not yet available on the App Store in mainland China.

Earlier this month, the LOL Development League (LDL) opened in Nanjing, Shenzhen, Beijing and Chongqing. From March 3 to April 29, 32 LDL teams will bring a total of nine weeks of spring competitions in four different divisions. From June 22 to September 2, it is the summer season. After this, there will be the LDL2018 annual finals, and the team that won the championship will likely advance to the LPL league.


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