Game Report China【2018-3-16】

Game Report China【2018-3-16】

在本周于海南进行的2017年世界电子竞技运动会(WESG)总决赛期间,赛事主办方阿里体育宣布与MOBA手游《虚荣》开发商Super Evil Megacorp达成合作,《虚荣》将成为2018年WESG比赛项目。这也意味着除《反恐精英:全球攻势》《Dota 2》《炉石传说》和《星际争霸2》等PC端竞技游戏之外,WESG赛场迎来了首款移动游戏。

微信小游戏《跳一跳》广告按照CPD售卖,共有三档价格:500万一天,1000万两天和2000万五天,且不保证独占。如果这份报价属实,那么之前耐克在《跳一跳》中投入2000万广告费的消息也可以得到证实。 根据PingWest 品玩求证腾讯微信公关部后获得的回应,可以确认《跳一跳》广告招商确实已经对外开放。

During the WESG finals held in Hainan this week, the event organizer Ali Sports announced that it had entered into cooperation with Super Evil Megacorp,, and that Vanity will be the WESG competition project in 2018 WESG.The WESG contest ushered in the first mobile game.

According to a Tencent internal document, the WeChat mini-game “jump ” ads are sold in accordance with the CPD. There are three levels of price: 5 million a day, 10 million two days and 20 million five days, and exclusive guarantees are not guaranteed.


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