Game Report China【2018-3-21】

Game Report China【2018-3-21】

最受中国年青一代欢迎的视频网站Bilibili于上周日更新了招股书,将于3月27日在美国上市,上市地点从纽约证券交易所变更至了纳斯达克,股票代码仍为“BILI”。 Bilibili 2018年前两个月平均月活跃用户(MAU)7600万,“Z世代”(1990年至2009年间出生)占82%,2017年每活跃用户在线时间76分钟。

The most popular video site by teenage in China, Bilibili, updated its prospectus last Sunday and will be listed in the United States on March 27th. Its listing location will be changed from the New York Stock Exchange to Nasdaq and the stock symbol will remain “BILI”. “. Bilibili had an average monthly active user (MAU) of 76 million in the first two months of 2018, and “Z Generation” (birth from 1990 to 2009) accounted for 82%. In 2017, 76% of online time was active for each active user.


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