Game Report China【2018-3-27】

Game Report China【2018-3-27】


3月19日GDC开展当天的谷歌开发者专场上,谷歌发布了一项由网易研发的跨平台UI自动化测试方案Airtest Project,适用于游戏引擎和应用的自动化测试,并支持Android和Windows两种系统,后续还将支持iOS系统。除了借助GDC2018首次正式对外公布这项技术之外,网易也已经将Airtest Project公开发布于Github和国内技术论坛testerhome。此次Airtest Project在GDC的发布,也是中国游戏研发技术打开世界局面迈出的重要一步。

Recently, Jiguang Data released a report showing that in February 2018, the number of Chinese female mobile game users continued to grow positively for four consecutive months, from 309 million in March last year to 367 million.The penetration rate of female mobile game users has always maintained a benchmark of more than 30%, indicating that the current number of Chinese female mobile game users keeps a high number.

On GDC’s launch of the Google Developers Conference, Google released a cross-platform UI automation test program, Airtest Project, developed by Netease. It is suitable for automated testing of game engines and applications, and supports both Android and Windows systems. Netease has also released the Airtest Project publicly at Github and the Chinese technology forum Tester Home.


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