Game Report China【2018-3-30】

Game Report China【2018-3-30】



Recently, Xiaomi announced that the mobile game “Xiao Mi Chao Shen(小米超神)” has launched a new hero “Little Love Student(小爱同学)” in the experience suit. The model is from Xiaomi’s first artificial intelligence speaker. The new hero continued the red short-haired mech acrobatic character design. The dress is in black and grey tone. The upper body is engraved with the words “MI” representing Xiaomi Company.

Tencent’s “Pop Moe(消除者联盟)” went live on March 27 and quickly took the top spot for the Appstore freeroll. At this point, the game released by Tencent swept the top five free standings. In addition to the game itself has some advantages, the huge traffic brought by WeChat is the key to its ability to quickly acquire users. For example, WeChat Games has warmed up before the “Pop Moe” goes live.


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