Game Localization Services

Game Localization Services

Why should I need to localize my game to Chinese?

China is the world’s biggest game market

The global video games market is forecast to break the US$100-billion ($138b) mark this year, driven by a huge appetite for online and mobile content from mainland China’s more than half-a-billion gamers.

Mainland China is predicted to surpass the United States and become the biggest in the world for gaming at $38b according to a new report from research firm Newzoo.

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The Chinese Games Market 2016 by Newzoo(


The Chinese gamers are urging to request Chinese localized games. 

By users, China is now Steam’s third largest country, with around 17 million, behind only the United States and Russia. But by bandwidth consumed, China is actually in second place, swallowing up nearly 10 percent of Steam’s total traffic (the US accounts for 19.7 percent, Russia only 5.8 percent). It’s a huge audience, and it’s growing quickly. This presents PC developers a huge opportunity to sell games to millions of players they couldn’t reach just a few years ago.

With localization, Steam’s rise in China could also be a new lifeline for smaller developers.


Different games, different Chinese gamers, one demand: need Chinese localization.

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Concerning China, it’s basically the perfect candidate for localization:

  1. Large market (18% of world’s population!)
  2. Strong preference/need for their native language
  3. Population spends money on games

Three key tips for localization in Chinese game market by Lars Ducet

  1. Localize your store page!
  2. Don’t use Google Translate.
  3. Don’t mindlessly ‘Orientalize’ your game

Further Reading on Lars Ducet’s China is kind of a big deal for Indie Games

Our Services

We localizes in-game or art-based text content using state of the art technologies, high profile in-country resources, and the expertise and know-how gained over years of supporting the release of video games. The main localization aspects are as below:

  1. Game translation
  2. Game website localization
  3. App Store/Google Play/STEAM introduction page localization
  4. Localization QA
  5. Post-release localization support

Once the Chinese localization procedure is been started, we also provide a basket of Local Advisory services to our customers. We will point out the key point of Chinese gamer activities, lead our customers cross the cultural traps and answer all the questions about China game market.

If the localized game is onboard China’s game market smoothly, then we can listen to Chinese gamer’s voice and had their complained or advices recorded. No matter how big or how small a localized game it is, a comfortable local customer service is worthwhile.

Game Report China (GRC) is focus on Chinese PC/mobile gaming news report. Through Twitter and Facebook, we provide the most update information about China game industry to worldwide game developers.

Free Trial

We provide up to 300 words limit FREE TRIAL to customers before start cooperate with us.

Past Cooperations

Why Choose Canton Pacific?

1, we have a Chinese-English bilingual team who familiar and proficient in different kinds of games.

2, we have game design and development experience, we know the art of game.

3, we do know the Chinese game market and the gamers here.

However, the most important point is:

We are gamers and we love those good games from all over the world.

About Canton Pacific

Canton Pacific & Company is a Canton local technology company which focuses on new media contents productions, IT development and game localization business. We dedicated to design and develop product which can brings satisfaction and praise to customer. Check out our official website to learn more. 

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Canton Pacific & Co.(广州祺孚网络科技有限公司)

We established the facebook and tweitter media account ChinaGameReport that focus on Chinese PC/mobile gaming news report and Chinese localization for global game developers.


1. Translation Time

Translation is a linguistic creative process which requires a top quality translator. Translation work is time consuming and hard. This is even more evident in the game translation industry.

If any website tells you: “We can translate the material quickly on a basis without sacrificing quality”. This is a sentence which may be possible in other industries however is absolutely impossible when it comes to game translation. We can assure you, any rushed game translation will most certainly severely affect game revenue.

The average professional translator can translate at a speed of around 3000-4000 words/day. Game translation is a form of translation which requires a lot of skill, and demands that the translator spends time experiencing the game in order to translate appropriately, and without overlapping the UI. This determines that the speed of game translation is not high. Speaking from experience, every game translator can normally translate around 3000-3500 words/day.

2. Billing Methods

English language to Chinese: The total word count of the original Chinese document is calculated according to the MS Word “Non-Chinese Words” statistical function.

When the document is PDF format, picture, paper document or other uneditable document, then it will be calculated in accordance with the National standard Translation service code; calculated by counting how many characters are able to be written in one full line of text on the page and multiplying this number by the amount of lines actually written. Lines which have not been completely filled in, or lines which just have a title written are still counted as complete lines of text.

A transcript which falls below 100/1,000/10,000 characters is still calculated as 100/1,000/10,000 characters.

3. Payment Methods

We support three different methods of payment:

  • PayPal
  • Alipay
  • Wechat Payment

If the total localization charge is lower than 100 US dollars then payment will be required in full prior to starting the translation project. For fees over 100 US dollars, only 50% of the total payment is required prior to the translation.

4. Sample Translations (Free Trial)

In accordance with common practice of the game translation industry, we can provide a free sample translation of up to 300 words. For translations of over 100,000 words, we can provide a free sample translation of up to 500 words.

As a professional game translation service provider, Canton Pacific sincerely promises: We will not under any circumstances divulge any of our customer’s trade secrets.

1. Canton Pacific signs a confidentiality agreement with all of its customers guaranteeing the information security of the customer.

2. Canton Pacific signs a confidentiality agreement with all of its translators guaranteeing that translators will not divulge any of the customer’s secrets.

3. The translator may not take any material related to translation projects away from the site without the customer’s permission.

4. The company may not disseminate any translation material which has been entrusted by the customer without the customer’s explicit permission.

5. Any member of staff who is participant in the project may not divulge or disseminate any content specific to the project.